Leading Provider of CNC Machining and Product Development Services

Our capabilities are vast and include many additional services, including welding, metal fabrication, Sinker EDM, Gear Cutting, Precision Water Jetting, CAD/CAM Drawings/assistance and more.  For a complete listing of our capabilities, click HERE.

We work with a wide variety of metals, and work with product runs both small and large.  We’ll treat you right at Lee Precision.  Always have, always will. Quality of product, and quality of service is our number one priority here at Lee Precision Machine.

  • 30,000+ square foot facility
  • Industry’s best talent
  • Financially sound
  • In business over 35 years
  • Commitment to quality backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee

CNC Milling CNC Turning Manual Machining TIG & MIG Welding
Spot Welding Soldering/Brazing Precision Honing Sinker EDM
Sheet Metal Fabrication Plasma Cutting Surface Grinding Horizontal / Vertical Broaching
Gear Cutting Pressure Testing Heat Treating OD Polishing / Grinding
Complex Assemblies Custom Packaging/Shipping ISO 9001:2015 Inspection Brown & Sharp CMM Inspection
CAD – SolidWorks Drawing Assistance Custom Design / Manufacturing Assistance Inventory Management CAM – Surfcam Velocity


We recognize that you have options. Our commitment to quality service also spills over to our commitment to being a technology leader. What does this mean for you? You get the best of all worlds with Lee Precision: Quality, efficiency, knowledge and technology.


  • Higher quality product and throughput
    Let’s face it. Machines are more accurate, make fewer mistakes and are more efficient once set up properly. We’ll get you a better product, more quickly

  • Less Cleanup
    Robotic welding results in less splattering and neater weld seams

  • Lower Cost
    Improved efficiency means less waste with robotic welding. This translates into reduced material costs

  • Quicker Time to Market
    Parts more more quickly, as robotic welding is repeatable, and often results in shortened cycle times